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A documentary film is “a motion picture that shapes and interprets factual material for purposes of education or entertainment. Documentaries have been made in one form or another in nearly every country and have contributed significantly to the development of realism in films.”  Source: Britannica


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6,000 +

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“In fiction films, there are scripts, drama, and real-life drama, superegos, and big budgets, stars and fanfare. Documentaries can be summed up as a labor of love, minus the money, drama, stars, and egos.” Cara Harpole

Our Story

Over the Years


Reel Doc Fans (AKA Austin Doc Fans)

Cara Harpole takes over the group and starts rebranding it.  Reel Doc Fans becomes its unofficial name.


Over 3,300 members from 464

Our membership grew by leaps and bounds.  We supported filmmakers, hosted events all over Austin.  The highlight of this period was organizing the “Herman’s House” event.


COVID hits, and slowes things down.

Our plans and events came to a dead halt during the beginning of COVID-19. We adjusted like so many other groups and went virtual.


Three groups: Austin, New York, San Diego

We were asked to pick up two film groups that were going to be dissolved-one in New York, and the other in San Diego.  That story has yet to be told.

Who we are

Reel Documentary Fans is a  consortium of three Meet-Up groups from three cities: Austin, New York, and San Diego with a total membership of over 6,000 fans. We plan film (and TV) events that encourage active engagement about social, cultural, artistic, and human interests. The films are informative, entertaining, and about a cause for concern.  One of our goals is to organize film screenings, Q&A with filmmakers, showcase filmmakers under the radar, and inform our doc film fans about the latest film festivals, documentaries, and events in the film community.

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