The Theme

  • The film revolves around the theme of loss and survival in the midst of a conflict.
  • It explores the challenges faced by a young Palestinian girl, Farha, as she grapples with the desire for education against the backdrop of the 1948 Palestinian expulsion and flight (Nakba).
  • Farha’s journey embodies the resilience of individuals in the face of adversity and the impact of war on innocent lives.
  • The film underscores the enduring nature of stories and memories, as Farha’s narrative is passed down through generations.
depiction of two 14 year old girls in village clothes in Palestinian 1940's. The caption reads "watch the Netflix film Farha and lets have a discussion


This fictional narrative is rooted in an oral tradition passed down through generations—a compelling account of a young girl’s experience during the nakba, (nakba-the catastrophic).   

Real life Events 

In the heart of Palestine, a land with centuries of history, the lives of its Palestinian inhabitants were intertwined with a looming political transformation—the establishment of a Jewish state. This story unfolds against the backdrop of a historical movement—the migration of European Jews escaping Nazi oppression to these lands and the subsequent displacement of Palestinian communities. At the center of it all is a young Palestinian girl named Farha, whose life, along with her entire family, was on the cusp of a drastic and irreversible change.

A Glimpse into Everyday Life

The film takes us on a journey, not just through Farha’s personal experiences, but also through the vibrant tapestry of Palestinian village life. It begins with an oral tale passed down from generation to generation, vividly illustrating the routines, traditions, and dreams of a Palestinian girl. We see Farha’s aspirations for education, contrasting with the excitement surrounding her friends’ impending marriages.

Unfolding Tragedy Amidst Transformation

Spoiler Alert Ahead:

However, as the British enforced the Palestinian expulsion from their ancestral lands, a shadow of uncertainty cast itself over Farha and her village. Her story unfolds as local Palestinian militias and Jewish settlers clashed in a struggle for control, with Farha’s father, Abu Farha, caught in the middle.

The Nakba Descends: Chaos and Choices

As the Nakba unfolded, Farha’s world descended into chaos during a classmate’s wedding celebration, where jubilation turned to terror. Farha’s decision to pursue an education took a backseat to the urgent need for survival. With distant bombings as the grim soundtrack, Farha faced a dilemma—leave her village behind with her best friend, Farida, or return to her father’s side.

An Unresolved Tale

And so, as the dust of history settled, Farha’s story takes an unexpected turn. Her journey, her choices, and her family’s fate remain shrouded in uncertainty. What became of her father? Did she ever find her path to education? The film leaves us with questions, lingering in the air, inviting viewers to uncover the rest of Farha’s harrowing journey by watching “Farha’s Nakba Nightmare: A Story of Survival.”


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