1. Austin Film Society (AFS): AFS is a hub for local filmmakers and offers resources, grants, and events.
  2. Austin Chronicle: This alternative newspaper covers local film events, festivals, and reviews.
  3. Austin Film Commission: A great source for industry news and local film-related initiatives.
  4. Texas Film Commission: Provides information on filming in Texas, incentives, and resources.
  5. South by Southwest (SXSW): The renowned film festival in Austin with a blog covering film and tech.
  6. Austin Film Meet: A community for local filmmakers with networking events and resources.
  7. Austin Film Festival (AFF): Known for its screenplay competition and industry panels.
  8. Texas Monthly: They often cover Texan filmmakers and their works.
  9. Austin Film Critics Association (AFCA): Provides reviews and articles on film in Austin.
  10. Austin Movie Blog: Part of the Austin American-Statesman newspaper, focusing on movie news.
  11. Austin Film Society Blog: Features articles and updates on Austin’s film scene.
  12. The Daily Texan: The University of Texas at Austin’s student newspaper often covers local film events.
  13. Austin 360: The entertainment section of the Austin American-Statesman covers film news.
  14. Austin Public Library: They host film-related events, screenings, and resources.
  15. Austin Community College’s Film Department: Provides information on local film programs and events.
  16. Austin Film Meetup Groups: Join local film-focused meetup groups to stay updated.
  17. Austin Film Industry LinkedIn Groups: Connect with professionals and stay informed.
  18. Film Texas Magazine: Offers articles and news about Texas filmmaking.
  19. Austin Film Festival YouTube Channel: Features interviews and panels from the festival.
  20. Austin Film Society Vimeo Channel: Access to short films and discussions
  1. Indiewire: Offers a wide range of film-related news and reviews.
  2. Variety: A leading source for entertainment industry news.
  3. The Hollywood Reporter: Covers film, TV, and entertainment industry developments.
  4. Filmmaker Magazine: Focuses on independent filmmaking, providing tips and insights.
  5. No Film School: A valuable resource for independent filmmakers with articles and tutorials.
  6. Documentary.org: Documentary-specific content, including articles and filmmaker resources.
  7. International Documentary Association (IDA): Provides resources, events, and news for documentary filmmakers.
  8. Vimeo’s Documentary Channel: Features a curated selection of documentaries.
  9. Sundance Institute: Offers insights, resources, and news related to independent filmmaking.
  10. PBS Independent Lens Blog: Highlights documentary films and filmmakers.