A lady stares at her computer, she sees faces of others meeting in the virtual doc zoom event.

Virtual Doc Night:  An online forum dedicated to documentary enthusiasts. Explore compelling films, engage in meaningful conversations, and delve into real-world topics. Experience the power of cinema and discussion in a virtual setting. We’ve joined hands with  a consortium of groups and various other Meet-Ups to create a rich, diversified experience for our members organized and hosted by Adam Hicks.

This is truly a collaborative endeavor. Our partnership extends to a wide range of social media groups, organizations, filmmakers, writers, speakers, activist, producers to ensure a multifaceted representation in our discussions.


Virtual Doc Night: How It Works

  •  Registration: Sign up to be a part of a nationwide community eager to dive into socially conscious documentaries. Create your account or RSVP  for upcoming film discussions.
  • Documentary Viewing: Each session focuses on a thought-provoking film, often touching on subjects like food, the environment, and sustainability. Before joining the talk, watch the chosen documentary through the provided link or recommendation.
  • Engage from Anywhere: Using the power of virtual connectivity, join the discussion from the comfort of your home. Connect with individuals from across the country passionate about creating a positive impact.
  • In-Depth Discussions: Share your insights, hear diverse perspectives, and engage in meaningful dialogue. Each discussion offers an opportunity to broaden your understanding and perspective on pressing societal issues.
  • Form Genuine Connections: Beyond just discussions, ReelDoc Talk Virtual is a platform to meet like-minded individuals and potentially form lasting friendships. Engage in side chats, connect outside the platform, and grow your network.
  • Recommend & Vote: Play an active role in shaping future sessions by recommending documentaries you’re passionate about. Vote on suggestions and help curate the viewing list.
  • Stay Updated & Grow: As a member, receive updates on upcoming films and discussion schedules. Continuously learn, engage, and be a part of a community dedicated to awareness and positive change.
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