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Choose the survey that interest you. Your input helps to improve the group and your experiences.

1. What Kind of films do you like to watch survey?

There are two groups of questions.  One question helps us determine the kind of members in the group, for instance: filmmakers, producers, or documentary fans only. The final question asks about the genres you prefer. Go to the survey

2. Films you should watch before you die

The survey is as the name implies.  We also try to find the best times to plan events based on your feedback.  That’s why it is so important we hear from you.  Our objective is to always give our members a voice.  Take The Survey

3.How do we deal with COVID as it relates to in-person gatherings?

It’s important that we all feel safe, so we’d like to know what you feel about in-person gatherings vs virtual.  We are sticking to  CDC guidelines, but they could change at any time. Take the survey

4. Getting More Involved or not?

We’d like to know how involved you’d like to be or not be. We list our needs.  So if you can’t help, perhaps you might know someone who would like to be more involved in the film community. Take the survey

...Girl Magic Filmmakers (new)

This survey was created for a new web page/blog to highlight our Girl Magic Filmmakers.  We hope to empower up-and-coming filmmakers by featuring filmmakers from different backgrounds (especially women of color) who are out there producing films and making their magic. Where are you? We’d like to create a space for you so the world can see who you are, and what you are doing.   Take the survey