In an industry often seen as a boys’ club, Alyne Harding stands tall as a beacon of inspiration and resilience for women in filmmaking. From falling in love with the art of cinema at a young age to becoming the Austin City Producer for the 48 Hour Film Project, Alyne’s journey is a compelling tale of grit, hard work, and vision.

 Early Love for Filmmaking

 Alyne’s journey into the world of cinema started with the simple act of watching “Return of the Jedi”—not once, but nine times in the theater. This early fascination drove her to explore the world of drama and performance, leading her to study Drama for a year at Sam Houston State University and venture into the eclectic theater scene of Bryan, Texas. However, she soon realized that her talent and ambition were best suited for a leadership role.

An Unwavering Pursuit of Education

 One of the most striking aspects of Alyne’s journey is her unwavering commitment to education. Juggling full-time work to support her two children, it took Alyne 20 long years to earn her Associates Degree in Radio/TV/Film. Her persistence finally paid off during the COVID-19 pandemic when she completed her degree, demonstrating that it’s never too late to follow your passion.

 A Pillar in the Austin Film Community

 Since 2013, Alyne has held the reins as the Austin City Producer for the 48 Hour Film Project. Her role has not only been pivotal in fostering local talent but also in expanding her network internationally. Through her annual trips to Filmapalooza, the 48HFP’s annual awards event, Alyne has built friendships and professional connections across the globe. She has become an unofficial consultant for international filmmakers, assisting them with translations and entry into American festivals and markets.

 Pioneering in Pandemic Times

 When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, many faltered, but not Alyne. She adapted the Austin 48 Hour Film Project to a virtual format and spearheaded a four-city collaboration in 2020 to help other Texas cities stay active in the filmmaking scene. In 2021, she used her self-taught skills on Wondershare Filmora to consult with two cities on programming their online screening platforms on Eventive and fully programmed the 48HFP US Virtual Screening sites.

The Challenge of Being a Woman in Filmmaking

 Despite her accolades and contributions to the film community, Alyne acknowledges the uphill battle for respect as a female filmmaker, especially while trying to raise and provide for a family. As she puts it, “Women CAN do it all, but men rarely believe it.” Her journey stands as a testament that not only can women succeed in this challenging industry, but they can also pave the way for others to follow.

 Alyne Harding’s story is an embodiment of determination, resilience, and a deep-rooted love for filmmaking. In a male-dominated field, Alyne serves as an example that with tenacity, hard work, and a splash of creativity, not only can one succeed but also make lasting contributions to the world of film. She’s proof that women can, indeed, do it all.